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Ozzilly Neighborhood Dog Training

Ozzilly Neighborhood
Dog Training

In-Your-Home Dog Training with Ozzilly

Ozzilly can help build a strong relationship & effective communication with your pup.

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I’m Oz!

Training Humans & Pups

The building blocks of training

Make walks relaxing & fun

Respecting others’ boundaries & space

Creative interventions including environmental management, counterconditioning & desensitization


An in-depth phone consultation will identify both the starting point of your pup, as well as your personalized training goals.

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During the phone consultation, I will take your pup’s in-depth history, to get ALL the information in order to provide the best service possible. We will discuss behaviors & identify training goals, as well as Ozzilly’s training methods & expectations. Ultimately, I want to ensure that we are a good fit for each other.

Number of sessions depends upon several factors:

I like to set up all my human clients to build their skills in order to continue training when we are done working together. In sessions, you will be handling your pup, most of the time. We will hone your communication & timing skills. Your pup needs to learn from their human, as they are their family & with you forever. 

I prefer in-your-home training to other options because that’s where your pup lives & where you want the desired behavior to happen.  Additionally, that’s where the unwanted behaviors also happen, so it is most effective to address it where/when it occurs. 

Request A Consult

Request A Consult

Meet The Trainer

Hi all, Joelle here. A lil background – I like to help. I have always been in the helping field. After 25 years as a therapist working with at-risk teens, I was ready to start a whole new career.

With Ozzilly, I realized I could continue to help, just in a different way. As my pups have always had my heart and been my anchor, it was a natural pivot to become a CPDT-KA trainer & open my own business.

Ozzilly’s namesakes are Milly, my previous Rottie/Shepard mix and Oz, my current Chow/Shepard mix, who is also my favorite (and only!) coworker. Both were adopted from CACC, and each came to me with specific challenges and needs. Milly did not know how to walk on a leash. Oz was an excited-no-more like hysterical, greeter. Both pups taught me so much & inspired me to learn more. A lot more. I had to, I was responsible for them, and for their and my own happiness.

While Milly crossed the Rainbow Bridge years ago, Oz continues to be an inspiration to me and my training journey. Her patience and goofiness reminds me that training should be fun. Humans & pups need to have a trusting relationship, and bring each other joy. Training humans & pups to help them “get” each other and live a happy life; it makes my job amazing!

– Joelle Hathaway, Founder of Ozzilly